[00:17.41]Feelings are so fragile
[00:21.56]Egos are always blown
[00:25.73]A ship in a bottle
[00:29.33]Collapses onto my cell phone
[00:33.64]Your soft skin
[00:35.12]Unbroken sin
[00:37.13]Next to my rough callouses
[00:41.41]A mild kiss
[00:43.28]Sleep paralysis
[00:45.14]Tell me more about your sister
[00:50.67]Brittle bones
[00:53.51]Hold my body together
[00:57.58]Tender touches
[01:00.73]Mend me with feathers

Feelings are so fragile
Egos are always blown
A ship in a bottle
Collapses onto my cell phone
Your soft skin
Unbroken sin
Next to my rough callouses
A mild kiss
Sleep paralysis
Tell me more about your sister
Brittle bones
Hold my body together
Tender touches
Mend me with feathers