Active Assassinz - Hardstyle Family (10.0 主题曲)

[00:00.000] 作曲 : Revolter
[00:01.000] 作词 : 小白
[01:24.203]Seven twenty-four
[01:25.699]All day and night
[01:27.196]Bass in the earphone
[01:28.703]Beating to my heart
[01:30.197]Show you my identity
[01:31.695]The energy in my blood
[01:33.201]We call it the unity
[01:34.697]The feeling of a team
[01:36.204]Seven twenty-four
[01:37.699]Faith in the mind
[01:39.205]Hard is the strategy
[01:40.702]Leading to the life
[01:42.451]So, step in
[01:43.706]We are about to tight
[01:45.455]Get ready for the
[01:46.950]Hardstyle Family
[02:37.452]This is my music
[02:38.948]Something I believe
[02:40.453]This is my family
[02:41.950]Somewhere I belong
[02:43.447]Hard as the amber
[02:44.954]We never give up
[02:46.449]Let’s be the member
[02:48.199]Build the full force
[02:49.695]Hands up high
[02:50.948]Or fists in the air
[02:52.698]Kick to the roll
[02:54.205]Hak to the ken
[02:55.701]This is the power
[02:57.197]Full of the love
[02:58.705]Shout out and follow me
[03:00.453]Hardstyle Family
作曲 : Revolter
作词 : 小白
Seven twenty-four
All day and night
Bass in the earphone
Beating to my heart
Show you my identity
The energy in my blood
We call it the unity
The feeling of a team
Seven twenty-four
Faith in the mind
Hard is the strategy
Leading to the life
So, step in
We are about to tight
Get ready for the
Hardstyle Family
This is my music
Something I believe
This is my family
Somewhere I belong
Hard as the amber
We never give up
Let’s be the member
Build the full force
Hands up high
Or fists in the air
Kick to the roll
Hak to the ken
This is the power
Full of the love
Shout out and follow me
Hardstyle Family